Tuesday, May 08, 2018

If It's Tuesday

Another day with no news on the buyer's mortgage approval; I didn't expect it to come through today, but wouldn't it have been a pleasant surprise. The deadline is next Monday, so it really isn't much longer; it's just that from next Monday, it's two weeks until the movers come, so, you know, yikes a bit. But I'm making progress on the packing, getting ready, getting organized. Giving things away: someone came today and took one thing, yesterday something else (different people, I mean; and things I didn't have to carry out). A journey of 1,300 miles, etc.

The Bruins are out of the playoffs as of Sunday, which was sad but not surprising. They just never got themselves together in the second round. We'll see what happens this summer, in terms of who they can (and do) bring back. Given that management put this team together, I have some faith in their ability to keep it going for next year.

I did turn on the Washington-Pittsburgh game when I got home from stitch and bitch last night, but when it went to overtime, I went to bed. I would have liked seeing Washington win it (they are so very overdue for beating Pittsburgh), but at least they did win, and Pittsburgh is out. I just hope that the Caps aren't so excited/relieved/exhausted from this that they get flattened by Tampa in the next round. I've seen that happen with the Bruins in the past, where getting past Montreal was so wonderful that the team kind of fell apart in the next round.

We're getting into the dead part of the playoffs now; only one of the second-round series is going to seven games, Nashville-Winnipeg*, and they don't play until Thursday, so the third round can't start until maybe Saturday, at the earliest, and with only two series at that point, there will be nights with no games to watch. Up to now, I've been spoiled by having a game every night to turn on, but no more.
*Vegas is waiting for the winner of that series; their first year in the league, and they're in the conference finals, it's crazy

All right, time to potter about doing a few more things before bedtime.


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