Sunday, January 07, 2018

Gift Given: Knitting Reveal (part two)

I have gone back into the blog, and it appears that every time I have knit a certain pattern, I have felt the need to show many progress photos of it. Why break tradition now?

In 2013, I made the very clever Cephalohedron pattern for the first time, for my brother.

Then, a year ago, I made one for Mary Ellen for her birthday.

And since I made it while at my mother's, and she was very interested in it, I made one for her in February. (She named him Jerry.)

At some point last year, I was talking about this with my friend J, and she made the mistake of saying something like, "Well, everyone needs an octopus." Aha! I thought to myself. Christmas knitting, here I come.

Hers is a medium-dark blue on the pouch side.

And grey on the reverse.

And all the in-process photos.

Work-in-progress visits with Jerry.

I finished him back at home, and gave him to her last week, and she seemed pleased. Perhaps everyone does need an octopus. Squid. Cephalohedron. Call it what you will.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I love the picture with just the one little tentacle poking out. A tentative tentacle!

3:05 PM, January 07, 2018  

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