Monday, February 27, 2017

A Tale of a (Third) Octopus

Ah, the octopus. Technically, the brilliant Cephalohedron pattern.

First, I made one for my brother a few years ago, for his birthday.
Then, I made one for Mary Ellen for her birthday.
And since I made that one at my mother's, and she loved it, we agreed that she needed one, too. So before my trip, I chose the yarn and started the pouch, finished it on the plane, then knit the octopus all week, finishing on Friday.

And now for the photos! Which have an interesting range of apparent colors, since some were taken at night and some in daylight.

The pouch, ready for next steps, gets put aside for now.
Leg time!
Well, more than one.
And then you join them.
And it's time to put the pieces together. Which is fiddly, but at least this time I didn't drop a stitch (ahem).
Once they're joined, the pouch hangs down, and it looks weird.
Or you can pull it up through, which also looks weird.
At this stage, I noticed that if I tucked the legs under, it looks oddly like a flower.
Finally, done! Outside out:
And in side out:
Wrong way! Or, at least, in between.
The pictures are looking kind of pink on my monitor, but it's really more a cherry red.
And Mum thinks he's cute, which is all that matters.


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