Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Tremendous Drop, Interesting Coincidences: All Numbers

This morning it was about 60 degrees here. It dropped all day--42, 35--and is currently 26.

Tomorrow's forecast high temperature (high) is 22, so we have some more dropping to do.

Brrr. Not my favorite way for the numbers to trend.

I am getting ready to watch the Bruins game tonight, after they've been off for five days. This is the first time they have played Montreal this season, and then they play them twice more next week. Three out of the four meetings in eight days! I think the schedule makers must have been drunk.

Jack Edwards had some interesting musings on Bruins numbers during a recent game. He pointed out that numbers 3, 7, and 77 are already retired, and that numbers 33 (Chara) and 37 (Bergeron) each have a good chance of being retired one day. What does that leave? Number 73, which is being worn by Charlie McAvoy, the 20-year-old who is in the discussion for rookie of the year this season.

Innnnteresting, isn't it? I love number things like this.


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