Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The Tire Is Fixed

I repeat, the tire is fixed! (Doesn't that sound like a spy meeting code? "The cuckoo cries at midnight." "The frog swims alone.") (Just me? Okay then.)

So, to recap, I had a flat when I got back after Christmas, the dealership service people couldn't find anything wrong with it, it was fine all last week, up to being dug out of the snow on Saturday, and I went out for groceries without trouble. But yesterday, I went out intending to run an errand at lunchtime, and it was flat as a pancake.

I called AAA, thinking I would have it towed back to the dealer, but after a 2.5 hour wait, the truck that showed up was not a tow truck. He put air in the tire, and said that he could send a tow truck, but that it would be a while. I told him not to bother, that I could put in another call if need be, and went back inside to stew about what to do. I certainly didn't like the idea of driving on it until it went flat again, leaving me stranded somewhere. But what if the dealer said it was fine? Or that I had to get new tires, and would I believe them?

The driver had suggested a tire place nearby would be a good choice, better than the dealer, and although my initial thought was, "And who do you know who works there?" I have actually heard good things about them, and decided that getting a different opinion on the problem might be a good idea after all. So this morning, when I checked and found the tire was still inflated, I decided to do that. I drove it over, explained the problem, and left it there, walking home in about 15 minutes (carefully, in the slush and snow). This afternoon, I called, and he said it had been leaking around the valve stem, and they fixed it. 

Fixed! And for much less than the cost of a tire or four. I'm so pleased. Relieved, even.

I asked him if he would expect that they would find a problem like that at the dealer, and he didn't jump at the chance to run them down, which I appreciate, but said that, well, if they were looking for a leak, yeah, probably.

So there we are. Hopefully the car will calm down now, though. I mean, enough already.


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