Friday, January 05, 2018

Gift Given: Knitting Reveal (part one)

Let's not talk of the temperatures, the wind chill, the shoveling, the aching muscles, the sore hands. Let us pretend none of those things exist.

I couldn't reveal this little bit of gift knitting until it was given, but now here I am, showing off the wee mitten ornaments (penny for scale):
The pattern is called Mini Mitten Ornaments, and the link on the front page isn't working, but there's a link in the comments to the pattern on the Wayback Machine.

I grabbed the nearest* bit of leftover sock yarn, which turned out to be Pigeonroof Studios High Twist Sock. And the little mittens used a whopping 4 grams of the yarn, meaning this is the perfect pattern to use up tiny bits of odd leftover yarn.
*From socks I made four years ago. I don't know how that happened.

As to how difficult they were, in my opinion, if you are comfortable working on DPNs in the round, and small ones at that, you'll be fine: they're fiddly, but not difficult. I can imagine feeling overwhelmed if I hadn't used such small needles before, or didn't knit in the round much, but even then I'm not saying it can't be done, if you want to. It took me an hour or two, started and finished the same day (Sunday the 10th). I do love a quick knit. Even better when it's cute.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I love them, they're so cute! (Jeff talked me out of attempting to put them on the cats' paws. Probably for the best.)

2:25 PM, January 06, 2018  

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