Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Update to Sweater Seen at Rhinebeck

Do you remember that I had an incomplete item from Rhinebeck, a sweater that I saw in a booth, but couldn't find info about afterward? (It's waaaay down at the bottom of this post.)
One of the things I did, to try to track it down, was put up a question on Ravelry to the booth I thought it might have been in, and weeks later, I got the answer! I had written down the pattern name as North Point Godte, and it turns out that it was Godet--so close! And yet wrong. But now I know, and have a link to the pattern in Ravelry.

Although, interestingly, they don't actually say where you can buy the pattern...but that's okay for now. I don't need to have it now. I just wanted to know what it was.


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