Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weather Whiplash

New England is not known for its calm, serene weather. I grew up hearing the expression, "If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes, it'll change." And these days, of course, climate change is making things more extreme worldwide. But this week has been ridiculous even by local standards.

Last Sunday was chilly, rainy, gray, all that.

By Tuesday, it was warmer, and I was so happy for the sunshine.

Wednesday was a record for Boston, 92.

Thursday was a record for Boston, 95.

Friday was a record for Boston, 90.

And with three days in a row at 90+, that's an official heat wave. However, look what was coming, as I saw Friday night:
Way to rub it in, weather app.

So yesterday was 59. Today is supposed to be 64. Yay?

No. No yay.

Now, the heat was a bit much, even for me. Not that I don't like being warm, I do, but the more usual gradual run-up allows for preparation in a way that 30-degree day-to-day swings don't. I didn't have cold meals in the house. The fan is in the basement. I did at least have ice pops in the freezer, and could find summer clothing without a lot of digging, but still, it was too abrupt, if not too hot, for me. (It's a fine distinction, I know.)

And now, back to long sleeves and layers and closing the windows. And in a week or more, it might hit 70 again. Maybe. Like, a week from Tuesday.



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