Friday, May 19, 2017

And Yet Still More Movie Ratings!

I just love these things. I rue all the years I didn't look at what the Globe movie people thought I should be warned of. Do other newspapers put these in their movie reviews? (Partial answer at the end of the post.)

Even if you remove the modifiers, it's still a bit "which of these things doesn't belong": blasphemy, nudity, sentimentality?
In what language, now?
Even though I am strongly anti-smoking, it still surprises me to see it given as a warning.
And then of course there's this one.
Oh, well, as long as it's inspired morbidity, then that's all right.
Oh, indeed.
Not just gratuitous, even.
Am I naive (doubtless yes), but "drug references of the jazz sort"?
More smoking, and ... what exactly did they do to the cookware to warrant this?
The last one sounds more like a plus to me.
Again, not just injustice...
We're warning about fed-up language now? I guess my blog is rated R.
Fallen idols are so distressing.
Makes me want to see it, really.
I found the Washington Post review of the last one, and it just says, "Contains occasional crude language." But their review of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul” says, "Contains lots of gross-out humor and at least one scene with young Greg stuck outside in his underwear." So maybe it depends.



Blogger Kate P said...

Mean girls being eaten by sharks? Sign me up for that one.

9:56 PM, May 20, 2017  

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