Sunday, May 07, 2017

Tulip Picking, Year 2

Well, I hope you're in the mood for a lot of tulip pictures, because that's what I've got! If you aren't, well, come back tomorrow and try again, I guess. (Just kidding: there will probably be more tomorrow.)

The car we parked next to had this plate:
And while I don't know that this is strictly true, I like the idea!
Really interesting details about what bulbs were worth in the 17th century (click on the photo to see it bigger). I expect this made people who read it less reluctant to pay a dollar a stem after having paid for admission. It should, anyway!
All right, all right, tulips! Some from a distance, some close up, a lot in the show garden but some from the picking fields.

And an arm full of color to bring home.
It was happy tuliping!


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