Monday, May 29, 2017

New to this Hashtag Thing

Last week, when I was trying to think of what to get for the ninth birthday of my friend's son, I had an idea that led to me ordering a couple of books from Amazon. I was happy that they came so quickly, but when they got here on Friday, I put this photo on Instagram:
"Here's something you don't want to see: the books you ordered for a gift, poking out of the envelope, and stuck to the adhesive. Not sure if I should blame #Amazon or the USPS, but not too happy with it."
Now, I hashtagged Amazon just because I've been playing with the hashtags since I joined Instagram; they're a way of categorizing what you're posting, and I haven't fully gotten the hang of how people use them. But I threw it on there, and to my surprise, someone from Amazon answered not too much later:
Oh no! I can definitely understand. Have you had a chance to view available return/replacement options? You can do so by selecting "help" from the website, then selecting "returns and refunds."
How about that? I've read stories of people getting customer service from various companies by using Twitter to get their attention, but it never occurred to me that Amazon would be monitoring Instagram so closely.

I didn't return it, since the party was on Sunday. Fortunately, the adhesive came off without damaging the book. But still, wasn't that kind of cool?


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