Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hockey Update (CF) and Other

I'm kind of mildly bummed out about hockey tonight. Both of the teams I wanted to win last night lost, and while none of them are crushing blows to me personally, it does mean that of the four teams I chose to mildly root for in the second round, only one has gone on to the conference finals (not the strongest record). So go Nashville!

To revisit my choices and the results:

  • Ottawa beat the Rangers in six games. This is probably the one I mind least, since having the team that eliminated your team move on gives some strength to the defense. It's the, "Well, yeah, but Ottawa's actually good this year!" argument. You kind of hate to see a team knock your team out, then get swept in the next round. Like, what, we couldn't beat those guys? So at least I avoid that.
  • Washington lost in game 7 to Pittsburgh. Man, I really hoped this would be the year Washington got the monkey off their back. Stupid Pittsburgh. They're probably the team I like least after Montreal (which all Bruins fans are required to have at the top of the hate list).

So this means that in the Eastern Conference Finals, I am rooting for Ottawa, ever so slightly. 51-49. I really don't want either team to win. Can we arrange that?

  • Nashville beat St Louis, yay! It took them six games--none of the series in this round went shorter, they were all six or seven. Onward, boys!
  • Anaheim beat Edmonton in seven games. Mild bummer, more because I liked what Edmonton was doing. Don't know much about Anaheim, frankly.

Therefore, in the Western Conference Finals, I am strongly for Nashville, and hope to root for them in the Cup Final as well. One thing at a time. The Conference Finals start tomorrow night, and alternate nights until series are won, so I'm not in the hockey desert yet. (It's coming, though.)

And what else is going on? Well, I went into Boston yesterday afternoon to see the new office (as I mentioned last week), which is both very nice (wow, you should see the kitchen! and there actually is a keg fridge) and very open office: no cubes, not even short walls, just desktops all pushed together, it would drive me mad to try to work there so thank heavens I don't have to. Not to mention the commute, which took me an hour each way, not to mention the cost of the commute, but really it's the time that grits me more. Plus the walk from the T, which is over half a mile and not something I would enjoy in winter, for example. But anyway. Not my problem.

It was my problem yesterday, though, not that the weather was so bad, it was okay (totally sucking for May, don't get me started, but not raining or anything), but because I had, sometime recently, twisted my ankle very slightly, and it turns out that spending 3 of 4 hours either walking or standing really aggravated it (who could have guessed). I was hobbling a bit by the time I made it to my car, and put it up last night when I got home:
Carlos was very puzzled by the cushions on his spot.

I even put ice on it for a bit. It was better today, but not fully, and I decided not to go to swimming tonight, since it seemed like that might aggravate it too.

Who was it who said that getting older isn't for wimps?


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