Monday, May 08, 2017

A Record Broken, Unfortunately

One thing I forgot to mention that brightened my Friday was an unexpected package from my brother, containing this desk sign:
It was funny on Friday, but it was even more true today. I had a mild headache on and off this weekend, but around 2 this morning, it went very bad, and I'm dealing with the aftereffects now. My head still hurts somewhat, though nothing like as bad, but even more, I feel like I've been beaten about the head and shoulders with a baseball bat.

So that means that I went from July of 2014 to May of 2017 without an awful headache. I'm sorry to break the record, but glad to have had that long without one!

This is one of those times, by the way, when my working from home benefits the company; I wouldn't have gone in to an office, feeling as I did this morning, but I put in a decent day's work from here, considering.

I put off the chiropractor until tomorrow and opted out of stitch and bitch. A quiet evening and early to bed will, hopefully, help me regain balance.


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