Monday, February 08, 2016

Weird Health

Note: This may be TMI for some: if you don't want to read about anything relating to periods and birth control, you have been warned.

I don't normally go into a lot of detail about periods and birth control methods here (do I?), so I don't see where I went into what has changed in the last year and a half. Long story short: I went to a new gynecologist's office in August 2014 (after my previous doctor retired) and they wouldn't give me the kind of birth control pill I've been on for the last, oh, 20 years or so (age plus migraines plus high blood pressure). Ah, how I love a surprise like that! Not.

After some brief panic, I decided to try the other kind of pill, but had such trouble with it over the next few months that, when the cramps wouldn't let me sleep on December 1 of that year, I went back in to talk with them about other options, and ended up starting on the Depo shot, which is something you go in for every three months. And, to my extreme delight, I was one of those women who, on that shot, had no periods whatever. It's marvelous! No pain, no mess, no planning; I love it.

Nothing until last night, that is. I had what they call "breakthrough bleeding", which in fact was not much, but the cramps that came with it were terrible, enough that I couldn't get to sleep for the longest time, even with codeine and a heating pad. This morning I felt a lot better, and close to normal in that respect today, able to work and all, though with a tension in the head and neck at times that wasn't too nice.

But then, after work, I had a coke-and-caramel-vodka and some pretzels, and by the time I finished I felt awful, like I not just wanted but NEEDED to throw up, but couldn't. My stomach was just livid. And I was hot, so hot I was shedding clothes left and right, and putting a wet washcloth on my face, and on my neck, and just generally being a mess. I mean, my earlobes were hot.

Finally, finally the tide turned, and I started to feel less awful, and then better than that, but man. What a weird 24 hours this has been. Please let it be done. I still feel wobbly, but more human. Thank god.

Anyway. Today's storm, not that I'm complaining, has been a dud. I know it hit south of Boston much harder, but up here it didn't start snowing until after 9 (4 to 6 AM, my eye), and at 5 tonight it looked like there was maybe an inch of snow on the car. Again, not complaining, but it was no repeat of Friday, as I was expecting. Good.

In other good news, I finished my taxes last night, and being on unemployment for a few months did not kill my refund. Of course, I did have them take the taxes out of the payments, which was hard in September but is nice now. I also had to enter information about those 401k rollovers (which don't affect the taxes, but still have tax forms, so in they go), and my condo refinancing, which had me scrambling for the paperwork (what day did it go into effect? how the hell would I know?) and uttering caustic remarks about what moron put me in charge of these things, but in the end, it got done.

And ... no, that's all I can muster. Still not feeling 100%. Off to slouch on the couch.


Anonymous Leanne said...

Wow! That weird bleeding and taxes all in one day? You seriously deserve a good long slouch. Hope it's all behind you!

11:38 PM, February 08, 2016  
Blogger goosefairy said...

Is it possible the coke and caramel reacted in a negative fashion to your new medication? That just seemed like such an awful thing to go through. So sorry you have had to deal with all of it and here's hoping for a break!

2:14 PM, February 09, 2016  
Anonymous jekc said...

I'm a big fan of non-pill birth control - I haven't had a period in over 17 years (firstly on an implant, more recently the mirena coil), just a bit of spotting each month. Fortunately I have never had side effects or nausea. One day I'll work out how much money I have saved.

1:46 PM, February 13, 2016  

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