Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Of Today

Today has had ups and downs. Why, the weather itself has been both: much warmer, into the 50s, meaning the heavy rain was not much more annoying snow. And lots of melting of the snow that did come down overnight, though it was still a slushy mess this morning, making me glad not to have to go out in it. Plus the basement is flooded a bit.

The rain has a fortunate side, as the humidity levels in here, which were terribly low even with the humidifier going around the clock, have risen again. Hopefully tonight will be easier breathing than last night, and perhaps my lips will stop the chronic chapping.

In more serious news, I realized this afternoon that I hadn't heard back from the petsitter about my booking--you know, for the trip I leave on in four days--and from googling, it seems as though the company has stopped responding to others as well, and even didn't come to one customer who was expecting them. Yikes! Fortunately, Mary Ellen is saving my bacon, or rather, Carlos', so I can go with a clear heart. Whew, though!

The swim class tonight was quite a workout, which is good for my overall health, perhaps, but has me groaning a bit more than usual. Urgh.

On the other hand (and this is ironic, right after the exercising note, I know), my post-Valentine's-sale chocolate came today, so I am all set for delicious.
And the Bruins just won in overtime, so I am going to stop this while I am ahead. Good night!


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