Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Color, Symmetry, and Promise at the Greenhouse

So, to the greenhouse!

I had the usual wonderful time, though I thought there was a little less color than in previous years. Perhaps I grow jaded? I did see signs talking about their plans for doing major work in the greenhouses, so there may have been some minor changes. Still, it was good to be there, and not just because of this:
Ahh, breathable air!

Outside, a sign to appeal to the punsters.
As always, I don't linger long in the cooler cactus rooms. Moving on, and there's some color!
And more, daffs and some sort of blue-bell thing.
You can tell what was drawing me closer.
Color, I say!
And fuzzies.
Don't forget the fuzzies.
Or the spikies. Always look up!
These things fascinate me.
 And this, well, it makes me think of grlic coming out of it's wrapping.
Up there again!
Be my valentine. Hot pink...
And light pink.
Finally a little green. I like the pattern to this one.
Back to color!
I looked at this one and couldn't figure out which way it started growing from.
And this one just made me think of the mandrakes in Harry Potter.
As did this one. You can see it walking, right?
Ah, color.
 This splash of green cascading down...
Delicate little flowers.
Somehow I feel like a peeping tom, looking in at this.
Ready to pop.
Big and odd, the center of this thing.
While this is clearly woven.
Color and symmetry
 Another proto-mandrake. It looks to be outgrowing its pot, and are those eyes on the front?
Ripe and not so.
 Big leaves.
Coiling around to visit other plants.
Spikes on the leaves!
 Little lanterns.
Umbrellas, up
 And drooping
I so wanted to pluck one. (I didn't.)
Curly leaves
What is that at the center?
Oh my.
Flower poking out.
Sort of
And more.
And what is the next thing?
 Now I know what a Jerusalem cherry looks like.
Ready to pop
Any time now
Raised eyebrows
The ones at the top? This is what they look like before they pop.
All promise, no show.
These look like game pieces. Or puzzles of some kind.
In one room, I caught a sudden whiff of something lovely. I looked at what I was closest to, which appeared to be small daffodils.
But when I bent closer, that was definitely the source of the scent, mmm. Oh, look!
Narcissus, eh?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I have GOT to get to that greenhouse.

5:39 PM, February 17, 2016  
Blogger Leslie said...

Thanks. I can't wait for Smith College to have their open greenhouse this year. I need to smell moist, warm earth.

9:08 PM, February 18, 2016  

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