Sunday, February 14, 2016

_Not_ the End of the Weekend

I'm so happy to have a holiday tomorrow, as I am not ready for the end of the weekend. Which is nothing new, but this time, I get the extra day!

Yesterday I had a nice lunch with friends (fun fact: just down the street from Za in Arlington is a restaurant called Zhu [well, it's funny to me, anyway]), and then we went to the movies and saw Brooklyn, which I really enjoyed--and I wasn't actually in the mood for a movie when we went, so it had to work for my approval! Beautifully filmed, well acted, and after a late scare, I liked the ending. Yes, I will even say that it was worth going out on a bitterly cold day, which it was. The universe seems to be trying to make me really, really glad to be getting out of town. Though they say it won't be as bad in a few days.

Today I did not go out; I hadn't planned to, but even if I had, seeing the temperature at -7 this morning would have discouraged me. I watched the Bruins lose in such an odd game this afternoon. At one point in the third, the Bruins had only taken 13 shots in the game, but they had five goals. Nuts! Unfortunately they didn't score again, and Detroit ended up with 6. Oh well.

I also, finally, blocked the cashmere scarf. This is what it looked like when I laid it out before:
And here it is, pinned out.
So as you can see. blocking straightened it out somewhat, as well as opening up the lace pattern. It also un-wonked the wonky end pretty well.
I'm quite happy with it.

Also on the camera was the yarn that will be the next socks, a nice ocean-ish blue-geen.
And the label on a bag I bought, which I had to remove from the bag or I wouldn't have been able to use it.
Ow, ow, ow. I can't carry a typo like that around.

And finally, a hyacinth that I got last night, to brighten my week. Last night it was really not yet open, and no scent was discernible. This morning, just a whiff. 
I will keep you posted.


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