Saturday, February 23, 2013

No, I'm Not Dead

It's closer to ten than it is to nine, Saturday night, and I'm tired. I'm not blogging at length tonight. I'll try to get to it tomorrow--I mean, I want to--between cooking and laundry and dishes and blocking the shawl and whatever else it is I have to do.

Meanwhile, Thursday night I went to an open-house thing at the chiropractor's office, which is open to any interested people and required for new patients to attend. It was an all-about-chiropractic session, what I referred to when telling my mother about it as a "drink the kool-aid meeting", and it was pretty interesting. The chiropractor showed us this video, and I found it very interesting, and a good overview of what chiropractic is trying to do. Curious enough to spend seven minutes watching?

I did!



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