Thursday, February 14, 2013

Miles and Miles Better

I was asleep last night before 8, with no more night-time disturbances, and as a result today was Much, Much Better. Thank heavens! They'd better not do that again.

I had the chiropractor again tonight; last night I dragged there and arrived early, too tired to think of any errands to do, and afraid to go home only to fall asleep on the couch and miss the appointment. Tonight I squeezed in two errands when I only had time for one, and arrived late--not that they cared, they're very laid back, and both nights I didn't have to wait hardly at all. Plus, tonight they were handing out roses! It was sweet to get a rose, not something my Valentine's Days have typically included. I love roses.

What I'm thinking of as my real Valentine's gift, though, is that I get to see my mother this weekend. Not, sadly, in Florida: she's Grandma-sitting while my aunt is away, so it's off to upstate New York for the long weekend. Fleeing the land of snow for the land of more snow! But family is what counts here, and I'm willing to drive a few hours for a weekend of hugs and chats and food and all. And plenty of knitting time!

But I'm not there yet. I'm trying to clean up the kitchen tonight, since tomorrow night I need to pack (oh, right, that), and I'll be leaving early Saturday--not oh-God-no early, but early enough. Cross your fingers that it won't be snowing, since right now "they" don't seem to be sure. Am I the only one who think the weather folks enjoy reminding us of how little they know? I would not be bragging, is what I'm saying. Of course, I also wouldn't thrive on being at the heart of the big wild storm as doom and destruction bear down upon me (I'm looking at you, Jim Cantore), so clearly there are many reasons why meteorology is not for me.

Doesn't "meteorology" look like it should be the study of meteors?

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