Sunday, January 01, 2012

Possibly Too Much Information

funny pictures - lovely. thanks so much for sharing.

The older I get, the more it seems that any bug I catch knocks me flat on my back, too exhausted to move, with only relatively minor other symptoms. It's not exactly that I'm nostalgic for the days when my symptoms were more like what the cold-remedy commercials cover, but it's still kind of weird. Plus, you don't get as much sympathy when you tell people that you've been in bed for days. But this isn't the fun kind of lazing around.

That said, I actually have been mostly in bed for days. Wednesday evening, I was so tired, and slightly headachy, that I was in bed before 9 (which is when the Bruins game started, silly Phoenix being time zones away). When I woke later with a worse head, and then later again when I ended up running to the bathroom to throw up, I figured it was a bad migraine, hormonally triggered. And maybe it was; there's no reason I couldn't get a migraine and whatever is going around simultaneously (no reason other than universal compassion, anyway, and how often is the world short on that?).

So when I was wiped out Thursday morning, I figured it was that. I e-mailed work to tell them I'd be in late, and went back to sleep. When I finally got up, I still wasn't feeling well. But we're really busy at work, and short-handed, and I felt like it was the responsible thing to do, going in. (Stupid work ethic.) I dragged in by 11, managed to complete one project anyway, and left at 4 feeling like driving wasn't the best thing for me to do, but what other options did I have? I drove carefully and tried my best to focus, and made it home safely (thanks to my guardian angel for that, by the way). I dropped my coat on a chair, kicked off my sneakers, and fell into bed fully dressed.

Two hours later, when I woke up to go to the bathroom, I did take off my jeans and sweatshirt...and went right back to sleep for a few more hours. Then I was up briefly before going back to sleep. Friday was much the same, I think, though it's all kind of hazy now. But sleep, up, drink or eat something (and what a time not to have ice cream in the freezer!), repeat. I didn't even go downstairs for mail or the newspapers until Saturday. Whew! Basically, the exhaustion, and truly disgusting congestion, are my only symptoms. Today I've been up almost all day; I did lie down for a little while, but didn't fall asleep. Progress! Plus I showered! Standing up all that time! It felt wonderful.

Granted, I haven't done much. Still no extra energy. Reading and watching TV have been most of the day. A little knitting--and wasn't that an adventure last night! I blogged yesterday that I was going to knit while watching the hockey game, then realized that my knitting was in the car (as indicated, I wasn't really firing on all cylinders when I got home Thursday). And I actually went down and got it! Trust me, that was a major achievement, the way I was feeling.

It was nice to knit again, though the Bruins lost. I'm kind of bummed that I missed their 8-0 blowout against Florida on Christmas Adam, when we were in NY, and even their win in OT Wednesday when I was non compos mentis, but got to watch Dallas take them down. Oh well, it's one game. They don't play again until Wednesday, which is weird. These few weeks are a major lull in their schedule, and though it will be hard on them when the pace picks up again, it will be nice for the observer.

I mentioned yesterday that I'd started to write a longer post, but lacked the energy to finish it. This is what I wrote earlier Saturday:

So I'm still sick. I went back to bed at 2 this afternoon, after having been up for some record-breaking amount of time like three hours (in a row!), and fell so deeply asleep, and so deeply into such weird dreams*, that I jerked awake with honestly no idea of what day it was**. Like, I might have been asleep all night. It was 4:30, still Saturday afternoon.

*Like how the ATM rejected me the first two times I tried to take money out because after I messed up my password, I didn't respond to the check question in time, which involved some sort of calculation, and then the third time it ate my card and gave me five brochures about what to do next.
**It was very overcast today, so there wasn't any sort of real clue from the amount of daylight.

So if I sound loopier than usual, it's because I am. I just decided to put in my contact lenses, and had to lean against the handy door frame at one point because oh, I'm still kind of woozy, eh? I hope this is the tail end of this Thing, wagging on its way out.

So let's talk about something else, shall we? I think so. And I choose the 2011 Books I Have Read topic.

Assuming that I don't finish another book tonight (I have 6 hours, but considering my sleep-to-awake ratio of the last few days, it's highly doubtful I'll even open one), the magic number for this year is (drumroll, please): 182. And that's with starting the listkeeping on January 7th, so the actual number might have been slightly higher. Or not.

I did not, in fact, read another book last night, so 182 remains the total. I read 106 books for the first time, and thus 76 were re-reads (which is why Goodreads, neat as it is, is not for me). I liked the spreadsheet method for keeping track of them, and will be continuing that in 2012. At least until the world ends.

And with that, I think I've used up all the energy for tonight. Happy New Year!

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Kate P said...

Ugh, that wiped-out feeling is just awful. I hope you can get some vitamin C (and maybe some iron?) into you and feel better soon.

Also a good Rx: Snuggle two cats and call me in the morning.