Monday, January 16, 2012

Cold. Tired. And Moderately Irritated.

I'm not actually cold right now, but I was today. When I got in the car this morning, the outside temperature was 10 degrees. I eyed it as I drove, hoping to see it change, and it soon did: to 9. Not exactly what I had in mind.

So of course, it had to be today that was extra-chilly at work, meaning I wasn't the only one who thought it was cold. Lots of people were wearing coats or hats or gloves, and finally an e-mail went around mid-day that the heater needed repairs, parts were ordered, and repairs would be made ... tomorrow.


I had planned to go to stitch and bitch tonight, but I had to work late instead. Thrilled about that, as you can imagine.

Have you seen this phrase on a sign or shirt?

Why do I mention it? No reason.

As I was sorting through a complicated situation in e-mails today, I commented to my neighbor that some e-mails should come with an Excedrin attachment. Wouldn't that be awesome? Or if you got an e-mail apology and a box of chocolates popped out?

What's that you say? Unrealistic? Perhaps I have reading too much* fantasy lately.

*Trick suggestion. There's no such thing as too much fantasy, as long as you're enjoying it, and I am.

This is disjointed, but it's getting late enough that I don't have high hopes of my attention span improving, so I'll leave it as it is. Life's like that.


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