Friday, February 11, 2011

More Than One Thought, This Time

I didn't actually go to bed at 8 last night, but I did turn the light off just before nine. Whew, was I tired! And this morning, the bed was a soft, warm, cat-snuggly trap that I didn't want to escape. I hit the snooze button twice as much as usual. Hooray for the weekend, and no alarm tomorrow morning. Plus, fun plans tomorrow; can't wait to tell you how it goes.

I saw a job listing for a proofreader this week that candidly admitted the pay was $12 an hour. Does that seem incredibly low to anyone else, for a professional position, or just to me? (It's also a temp position, and the location is nowhere near me, so I wouldn't be applying anyway, but ... really?)

Pretty funny hockey stat before Wednesday night's crazy game, via Stanley Cup of Chowder: "The Canadiens only have 15 fighting majors this season. The Bruins have had 16 since New Year's Day." Well, with the 12 fighting majors assessed to the two teams in Wednesday night's game, those numbers have gone up...not to mention the other 82 minutes of penalties, and four game misconducts (the most heavily penalized game in the league so far this season).

By the way, even allowing a season-high six goals Wednesday night, look who's atop all the NHL goalie stats (as of Thursday)?


The Bruins play Detroit tonight and again Sunday. According to, Detroit has 8 major penalties this season (lowest in the league), while the Bruins have 56 (highest in the league). It seems safe to say that tonight's game will not much resemble Wednesday night's. (Thought the teams are much closer in terms of minor penalties, and are seventh-lowest and ninth-lowest in the league. Interesting.)(To me.)

Anyway! Friday night is good. Hockey is good (hopefully). A cat on my lap is good. And a good night's sleep is, well. You know. Have a good night yourself!



Blogger Kate P said...

Well, I made $13 an hour at the public library as the YA librarian, if that gives you any comparison.

Off to drool over the latest post.

10:09 PM, February 12, 2011  

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