Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thinking in Fragments, or, It will have to be bullets tonight

  • Why do I feel less praised when it is given in the form of "Your great!"?
  • Why do I doubt I will find a proofreading position on a website that claims "Company's post exclusive jobs..."?
  • When I got home tonight, one of the other condo owners had just pulled up too, and he pointed out that there was a water heater among the garbage cans. Since neither of us is aware that one of the building's heaters was being replaced, and we would most likely have heard, that means that probably someone just left it there for our building to deal with. Can you image?
  • My boss told me today that her boss, one of the new guys, doesn't think that my main job task belongs in his area, and should be part of another group. Which would have me reporting to someone I like even less than my current boss, if you can imagine. It may not happen, but ugh. I kept shuddering all day, thinking about it.
  • I did apply for a proofreading job last week, it's not close but I could handle the commute for a good job, but so far I've only heard back in an auto-response, "don't call us" way.
  • And I can't find another proofreading job online tonight to apply for, except the one that requires experience proofreading technical manuals. I can talk my way around certain "candidates should have..." features, but absolutes like required, when I don't? Yeah, not so much.
  • I'm taking the night off knitting, due to a possible repetitive-stress ache. Last night, I noticed that the back of my right hand is sore, and feels almost bruised. Since there is no bruise, and I don't recall whacking it into something very, very hard, I'm going to give the hands a night off. Hopefully, the fulfillment of my Olympic dream will not hinge on this decision.
  • Miri really wants to curl up with Carlos. He's just looking at her.
  • In honor of Dick Francis's recent death, I thought I would re-read my favorite few of his books (top 3? top 5?) and review them here. It might even happen! I have to pick my favorites first.
  • We had snow yesterday. Even after clearing it off my car and stomping it off my boots, I had to admit, it was pretty this morning:

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Kate P said...

"Your great!"? OH NO!!! That's right up there with "Congrads." So skeevy.

"Miri really wants to curl up with Carlos." Did you ever think you'd be writing that??? (And does she follow the sun's movement across the room? Two of my parents' cats do that.)

We had the slightest dusting of snow last night. It felt really weird not to be dumped on!