Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ice Cream for Dinner

This is where you say, how was your day at work? And I say, hmmm, how best to describe it?

Rock, meet hard place?
Writing, see the wall?

Let me work on that. There must be a better way to describe a day that started with promise before a sudden and complete free-fall into the Pit Of Despair. Meanwhile, I've had some Ben & Jerry's, and I'm hoping the Bruins can make it two in a row.

In cat news, I'm pretty sure that the cats were curled up next to each other yesterday. Since it was pre-five AM, dark, and I didn't have my glasses on, I can't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure.

And last night, when I got home from stitch and bitch, I fed the cats, then sat on the couch, and Miri sat beside me, and Carlos sat on my lap, and purred, and it was very pleasant. I haven't had to "office" him the last two nights. Promising!

Finally, here's something that did make me smile today. (Can you tell I found the website Muppet Newsflash?)

Ice cream and the Muppets are both good mood enhancers to me. Are they for you? If not, what are yours?

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Kate P said...

I have always loved The Muppets. Just got Season 2 of "The Muppet Show" on DVD. :) In this weather, homemade hot cocoa is very comforting.

Two cats on the couch? Yay!