Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Progress in the Office

I took it easy yesterday, in terms of unpacking and carrying, and my hands and arms were much less vocally unhappy. Today I did a cautious bit of work. While I don't have the office 100% settled, it's gotten a lot closer.

I've starting putting my things on the wall, like the Rogues of Wool poster:
And the boarding school photo, which I swear does not look crooked in real life.
Those three bins in the middle will go down to the garage (right now, the roofers keep blocking off parts of the walkway, and I haven't wanted to get things downstairs only to find I can't make it the last few feet, but this weekend I should have a clear shot). The odds and ends in the squares will clear out and make room for more yarn.

Freddy will go up above where he is leaning, but at least he's closer. And again, the odds and ends in the squares will mostly clear out and make room for more yarn.
There's yarn in those bins!
Closing the closet doors hides a multitude of "where do I want this to go?" items. The big-cats-painted-on-palm-fronds to the right of the doors are my mother's, and fit there too perfectly to move.
Well, technically I moved one of them, since it was to the left of the closet before I found that the bookcases fit there. But you see what I mean.

Considering I arrived two weeks ago today, not bad! I mean, do you notice what is not in these photos? Cardboard! All the upstairs boxes are unpacked. There are still 11 boxes (and 10 totes) in the garage to be unpacked, but I started with 56 boxes (and 15 totes), so this really feels like progress.


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