Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Office Jaunt, with Chocolate

When I went into the office last week, it was ostensibly to see the new head of the division, and I did get to talk to her, very briefly (she was in meetings 99% of the day). But the bonus reason was that the IT guy was there from New York, since it turned out that the reason I hate-hate-hated the new font that the company chose when they rebranded is that it wasn't showing up right on my machine.

Interestingly, it wasn't showing up right on my manager's machine either, but for him, it was showing up looking just like our previous chosen font, Arial. For me, it looked like the jagged/bold/black version of the new font.

We ended up sending each other screen shots earlier in the week, so the other editors could understand why I was whining so much about how awful it was to look at. Here's what I was seeing at first:

And compare that to how it was, evidently, supposed to look all along.

Kind of different, right? The correct version is so, so much easier on the eyes, which is just crucial when you're looking at it all day long. I had a little bit of a headache on that Monday (before going into the office), and when I first opened the document, it was honestly painful to look at. It was totally worth going into the city to get this fixed, even if that wasn't the stated primary objective.

There were other benefits, too. First of all, the IT guy had some problems dealing with my machine, so it took some time. And since that was February 15th, I got my usual day-after-Valentine's email from Lake Champlain Chocolates about their sale, and was able to order my delicious chocolates, from my tablet, while he was on my machine. Win!

Next, an odd benefit, perhaps, but for the amusement factor: possibly the funniest error message I have ever seen:
Can you read that? (I know it's an awful photo.) The trust relationship has failed! How tragic! And on the day after Valentine's, too, such a shame.

Finally, on my way home, I found Girl Scouts in the T station, selling cookies. Yay for Thin Mints!


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