Monday, February 13, 2017

Last Monday

I am trying to enjoy the memory of being in Florida last week, which is definitely a challenge now that I am back in snowachusetts*. But hey, it was great while it lasted!
*Blizzachusetts? Something.

My flight on Sunday had no problems, even an empty seat next to me (which makes such a difference to comfort), and my mother met me and took me to dinner. Outback was pretty dead, though I gathered there were more people on the other side, where there was a TV; apparently, we were of the few who didn't care about the Super Bowl. We did turn the TV on at home, when we wondered if the game was still on (to explain how very little traffic was going by), so we did see what happened. And I'm happy for my friends who are Patriots fans, though of course I didn't care a bit myself.

Monday I slept in, had the Platonic ideal breakfast (coffeecake, raspberries, fresh orange juice, on the lanai), and sat on the lanai knitting (an octopus for my mother, of course; as previously mentioned). We went for a late lunch, but the place was mobbed, so even at two, we had to wait half an hour for a table by the water. Aw, must I stand in the sun and wait? In a t-shirt, capris, and sandals? Dang.

There are almost always pelicans hanging out nearby.
And boats going by. The name made sense to me once I said it, though I didn't study Spanish: Serenidad
And then this one. Can't tell why I took the picture?
I believe the hockey stick as flag-holder indicated Canadians, eh?
Most unusually, and most unfortunately, my mother's chowder turned out to be bad, and she was under the weather the rest of the day. Given that she was also in the second week of a cold, this seemed very unfair! But fortunately, she felt better before bed, and a good night's sleep helped immensely. But that's Tuesday's story.


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