Thursday, February 16, 2017

Last Thursday

This Thursday
I am definitely feeling general soreness from yesterday, but nothing too awful.

Ask me again after swimming tonight. Actually, don't. Ow. Ask me tomorrow.

Last Thursday
Thursday was more cloudy than not, but nice enough to eat lunch outside, so who's complaining. We decided to take the little boat ride, and did drive through a rain shower on the way, but it cleared before we got there, and the rides were still running.

There is a tank there that I have never noticed, which says it has turtles, but there was only one. He was perversely hanging out in the corner and getting caught on the pipe as he moved around.
I almost got this shirt--love the sentiment--but the fit didn't work that well on me. The tank top might have been better, but since it was neon orange, I didn't even try it on.
Maybe they'll offer in it other colors another time.

We saw this osprey playing king-of-the-hill near some construction.
And a variety of birds, birding around.

And the osprey again on the way back.
Showing his good side.
We stopped afterward for an ice cream cone, then drove home. On the way, we saw an interesting old car.
An Avanti? Apparently.
From the side, it resembled a Pacer a bit more than I had expected, based on the rear view. An unusual sight.
I made good octopus progress on Thursday.
It certainly makes for some odd in-progress photos!
It will need its own post, I think, so I will leave it at that for now. I did finish him* on Thursday.
*Mum decided he's a he, and his name is Jerry.

We went out for dinner (delicious), and when we got back, I checked to see how the Bruins were doing. Not only were they ahead, about halfway through the game, but it was the free game of the night from the NHL app, so I could actually watch it on my tablet. Pretty cool! And they won, which made it even better.


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