Friday, February 17, 2017

Last Friday

This Friday
Here's what I put on Facebook this morning:

In bed this morning, sore and achy from exercise last night, I pondered why I pay money for the privilege of spending my time and energy on something that leaves me feeling this way. I know, "It's good for me," but I see no evidence of that.
It's a mystery!

So. There we are. The good news, though, is that I don't appear to have a flat tire from the monster pothole I hit on the way home last night. I'll check again tomorrow before I go anywhere very far, but I really thought it would be flat today, and it's not. (The less good news from last night is that, since the shower wouldn't get hot at the gym, and I was hungry, and also tired, with the pothole on top of all that, I about had a nervous breakdown once I got home. Good times.)

Also good news, though, for real? Long weekend! Ahh, how I love looking forward to a Monday off.

Last Friday
Still, last Friday was better.

Originally, I was flying home late Friday (only because the cost to return on Saturday was much higher). But due to the storm in Boston, JetBlue waived fees to change flights into or out of certain cities not just on Thursday, so I was able to reschedule to fly out Saturday, giving me a bit more time there, and giving Boston a bit more time to shovel out.

Spent the morning mostly lazing around, including photographing the finished octopus in daylight.
I also tried on some clothing that my mother had picked up for me: fit/no fit, like/no like, leave there/bring home, it's all very complicated. :)

We had lunch in; went out for coffee and a chat with a friend of Mum's; then went to dinner at the restaurant where we had lunch on Thursday. We eat there a lot, but only lunch, and having noticed my favorite steak (filet mignon) on the after-4 dinner menu, we decided to give it a try.

Even arriving at 5, we had to wait half an hour for a table; it was hopping! I had time to photograph this glorious flower.
Amazing that it starts like this, isn't it?
Also had to get a photo of this guy's shirt, and then have a conversation with the table next to us about how no, I wasn't taking their picture!
Quite a pretty view for dinner.
As the sun set, the pelicans dove for one last fish dinner before bed.
One more!
Just one!
Last one, I swear.
And the filet, by the way, was perfect.


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