Thursday, February 02, 2017

An Important Part of Getting Ready

Ahead of my trip on Sunday (whee), I have to get my knitting ducks all in a row. For instance, the purse sock, which during travel needs to be my "can be quickly picked up and put down" knitting, was perilously close to the heel, so I wanted to get past that before Sunday. At stitch and bitch on Monday, I worked on it to start the heel flap, continued on it Tuesday, and last night I finished that and got ready to turn the heel.
Every single time I do that, I remember what I said the first time I turned a heel: "Look what it did! It turned a corner!"
It is just possible, perhaps, that maybe it's time to reprint the pattern, which has been kicking around the bag long enough to get a little ... tattered.
I don't need to look at it every step of the way, since I've made this pattern so many times, but this is getting silly.

To no one's surprise, I bet, I'm doing the knitting before other things that need to be done before I leave. Not just the knitter's stereotype of packing knitting before clothing: I have all day Saturday and half of Sunday to pack. But things like reconciling some bills and setting up their payments, or cleaning up in the kitchen, or putting away laundry...

But I can't just leave with a sock right before the heel...

Another reason to hate technology:
I got an email from my credit card company, pointing out that I had recently made an electronics purchase (which was TurboTax), and that I could use their program to comparison shop and, if they found it cheaper elsewhere, get the difference refunded to me. All right, I thought, that's worth looking into, so I clicked on it. It asked me to log in, and once I did, it said, So, what item do you want to check on?

Now, since they emailed me, they clearly know, but all right, I entered the name and found the one I bought, and clicked on that.Great! it said. How much did you pay?

Their email had the dollar amount in the subject line. But all right, put that in.

When did you buy it? And a calendar dropped down, that would not let me move back from February to January, and would not let me enter the date, and would not let me select a date in February, and at that point I said screw it. They created a program to give me more, and ended up aggravating me with it. Nice job, Citi.


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