Friday, May 06, 2016

This Week, I Learned

I learned a few things this week.

First, some weeks feel three times longer than others, for no obvious reason, but Friday eventually comes.

Second, I can do two water aerobics classes in a week. And it IS much easier than just swimming on my own.

Also, tulips are very cheering during grey, chilly weather.

However, the grey weather leads me to buy and eat ice cream. Which is delicious, but probably negates the exercise points just a little.

Next, the shawl I am knitting is not appropriate for social knitting. No one to blame for this but myself and my wishful thinking: I wanted to work on it, I took it to stitch and bitch on Monday, and I spent the rest of the week undoing my mistakes. Unless I am going to hang out with a friend in total silence, it isn't social knitting. Not. Remember that. Not.

Finally, I learned that I may never stop enjoying these movie ratings. Though, possibly, not as much as the person writing them does.
Serial-killer whales?
Offensively overpriced couture, check.
Frank Francophone frolicking? Really?
Suggestions and intimations.
Not just any old foul language...
Since when does animal husbandry become a warning?
I almost want to see this one to find out what they mean by fancy formalism. And gratuitous nudity reminds me of that wonderful Robert Graves poem, The Naked and the Nude, which I love for its wordplay. I can still rattle off the first stanza, and happily will upon request.

(A couple of these are from today, and some are older (still all this year, I believe). I finally got around to going through all the photos on my tablet and deleting the ones I've put up, and I'd missed a couple.)



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