Monday, May 09, 2016

Yes, Really

I can't tell you how validating I found this story, in this morning's Globe:
Let me draw your attention to this, specifically:
Yes! It was not my imagination that last week's weather sucked so very much. Whew. I have lost so much perspective on this that I was starting to wonder.

Today was partly sunny, which is a big step up from Never Sunny, I grant you. Perhaps if I hadn't been so tired, I would have been more excited by the glowing, but I slept badly last night, with many worrying dreams about something that I swear I am not worried about. Ugh. Also, there's a strong breeze, which made opening the windows for fresh air a chilly experience. Better, yes: not great, though.

This morning's Globe, by the way, I had to read on my little tablet, though I prefer to use the iPad for its larger screen. The Globe app sucks so badly, it's hard to explain how difficult it can make reading the paper--and both the Apple and Android versions have problems regularly. The iPad app sometimes won't open; sometimes opens part of the way, enough to show me the paper, but won't let me actually read it; and this morning, in what I believe was a new problem, it opened up just fine, but was showing yesterday's paper, and not today's.

Every once in a while, neither of them will work on a given day, and I have to read the paper on the computer (like I don't spend enough time at my desk every day), but this morning the Android app opened, after thinking about it long enough to worry me, so I was able to read it there. Sarcastic yay.


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