Thursday, July 30, 2015

And the Hunt Was Good

Today I tried on the dress I was thinking of wearing to a wedding in a few weeks (the one I'm knitting a blanket for [no, it will not be done for the wedding, but that's okay]), and whoops, that won't do! (Translation: It doesn't fit. Maybe if there was someone here to carefully zip up the back, it would, but I couldn't do it myself, which I could before.) So I went out on a little quest this afternoon, fairly successfully.

I tried on a few things that didn't work for one reason or another, but then I went back to a somewhat-too-casual dress. It's long but sort of tank-top, but I liked the colors and thought maybe I could find a shirt or jacket to wear over it, which (with jewelry) would pull it up to acceptable levels (it's a summer wedding, but it is in a church). I found one that would do, in coral pink, and then took the shopping bag into Kohl's to look for jewelry. I ended up with a necklace that I think will dress it right up nicely. And Target had a nail polish that looks a decent match (and it will be on my toes, not fingers, so it won't be right next to the shirt, anyway). I'm going to try it on my toes tomorrow and see what it really looks like. (I couldn't find a lipstick the same color, thought my diminishing energy for shopping at that point might have been a factor. Anyway, as long as I wear lipstick, surely it will be okay if it doesn't perfectly match everything. Right?)

I'm not sure that my photo caught the colors accurately, but hey, who knows what your monitor will show it as, anyway.
Not bad, eh? I call that a successful day. Especially for less than $35 total.

We've got some thunderstorms moving through this evening, which are supposedly the result of less-humid air making its way in. Bring on the less-humid air! I'm not a fan of thunderboomers as a rule, but today was pretty gross. If it's 90 again tomorrow, but doesn't "feel like" 103, that would be a win, I think.


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