Thursday, July 16, 2015

Of Bad Health, Good Health

The answer is, "the past year". And the question? Well, two of them, actually.
  1. Over what period of time have I gained 20+ pounds?
  2. Over what year of my life have I exercised the most consistently?
As you might imagine, I am feeling a might crabby about that. Particularly today, when I went for a walk with a friend and now have blisters. Hey, karma, that is no way to encourage me to exercise! Now, granted, it was a beautiful day, but if I'm going to regret it for a few days, how likely am I to want to exercise again? Not very. I don't like carrying the extra weight, but I hate that hungry-and-deprived feeling, too. It's a problem.

Of course there is also a bright side question to that answer. In addition to the questions above, it is the answer to "What is the longest period of time in recent years that you have gone without a terrible headache?" Yes, I last had one of the awful ones on July 21st of 2014.

A year. An entire year without wanting to die of the pain. How awesome is that?

The overall numbers of headaches are down, too. Here's so far this year, compared to the last few years.
So far this year, my rate of days with headaches is less than half what it was last year. Half. Truly amazing.

Which, when I think about it, is an offer I would have taken happily a year or two ago: How about you gain weight, but don't have as many headaches? I would have grabbed for that deal. A good thing to remember, especially as I hobble around today.


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