Sunday, July 19, 2015

Here I Am! Been Busy

I had a busy day Friday, and then yesterday, well, was an odd one, so I didn't manage to blog before being overcome by "too sleepy for coherence," but here I am again, ready to ramble about Things.

First off, a note about socks. Proof that I did in fact make two of the green ones:
Ah, sunlight through the leaves, dappling on the grass...

Also, about the socks I'm currently working on. The yarn is one I got in San Francisco last year, from Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts, in colorway Orange Tabby. When I've looked at the yarn, I've been dubious about it actually being Carlos-colored, but I finally got around to making the direct comparison, and it's surprisingly like him! I think the lack of white in it threw me off. But no matter how the light changes the color of the yarn, you can see the resemblance, right?

If I had it to do again, I think I would make the heel and toe in white yarn ... but I just finished the first sock, and the lack of white doesn't bother me enough to undo it.

Speaking of the orange tabby himself, this is the look I got when I was cutting up a peach and a plum the other morning.
"Yes, I do want it. When you cut things up, it means good things. I want."

He also came running yesterday to the sound of a can opening, and didn't believe me that it was corn, even when I held it out to him. Poor baby. I'm planning to make a batch of tuna salad later today, so he'll finally get his tuna water.

In the interest of equal time, and to continue the recent theme of Places Belmont Sleeps, here she is in a favorite corner, on the base of the scratching post.
As you can clearly see, said base is the location of catnip parties, and thus difficult to keep clean. You can also see that the post itself badly needs the rope replaced; once I have a salary coming in again, I'm going to find someone who will do that for me. The post itself is exceptionally solid, and wrapping new sisal around it should be pretty easy for someone handy, but I know I'm not doing it myself.

Now, none of this explains my busy Friday. I actually set the alarm*, a rarity these days, in order to be in Wilmington by 10. Yes, time again for Bruins development camp! Last year it was over a weekend, but this year it was Tuesday through Friday, so how fortunate that I was laid off and free to go! Well, kind of fortunate, anyway. I wouldn't have chosen it, but. There we are.
*Not early, but set is set.

I arrived just before the players came out to warm up. Speaking of warm, I wore jeans and socks and sneakers, and brought my winter coat to put on over my t-shirt, and by so doing was able to survive less than two hours in Ristuccia. So cold! A number of people I saw had brought blankets for their legs (the man next to me had gloves on), which I think I'll do next time, as my legs and feet were really cold by the time we left (we including Mary Ellen and her husband, who joined me there). But such fun! I only got a couple of pictures.
If you click on the next one to make it big, you should be able to see the ad on the boards in front of the visitor bench. What kind of restaurant spells "restaurant" wrong on their ads, and doesn't fix it? (For that matter, I just looked at my pictures from last year, and it's wrong there, too. Sigh.)
They played a 4-on-4 scrimmage, in two 25-minute periods, followed by all the players going though a shootout (even though it didn't end in a tie). Some of the players tried out their moves, with mixed success, but Jake DeBrusk nailed his (make sure you watch it in slow-mo). Nuts! Even slowed down, I don't believe that move.

Afterward, they all shook hands, which is kind of cute.
Outside and thawing again, we decided to get some lunch, and since there's a Sonic right next door, we went over there and (since we were in two cars) went in, rather than doing the drive-up (at Sonic, you can pull up into a space, place your order, and get served in your car). We went in, and waited, and waited ... we only ever saw one employee, though hopefully she wasn't actually doing everything including cooking ... it took twenty minutes for us to get to the front of the line, and ten minutes later when she still hadn't made it back, we decided to go to Panera instead. The poor girl, but boo to Sonic on that one.

Panera was fine, of course (walk in and order immediately, what a concept), and afterward I went into TJ Maxx next door and found a new purse that I think will do ... I've been looking for a new one forever, and like my job search, I know just what I want and can't find it. Meanwhile, my as-close-as-I've-found purse was falling apart. The one I found I don't love, but I like it well enough, it has most of the pockets and things where I want them, and it was $30, so we'll call that a short-term win, anyway. I then went into Market Basket for a few groceries, and then home to put them away and hang with the cats for a bit before heading out for dinner plans with friends, pizza at someone's house in Brighton.

It was a very fun evening, and late--after 10 when I left, so after 10:30 when I got home, and by the time I wound down, it was midnight before I got to bed, quite late for me even in unemployment. I did wake up sometime around 6 for a bathroom-and-feed-cats break, then went back to bed and was pleasantly stunned, upon waking, to find it was almost noon! Half the day gone, but honestly I felt so good that I didn't mind. I also had a family-dinner invitation for that night, so I spent the afternoon getting some things done around the house, then had a good time in the evening.

Quite the social whirl; I have no outside plans today, and that's okay with me. Especially as there's a thunderstorm warning right now, a good time to not be going out. I'm finishing the laundry, and things like that. Later I may paint my toenails. A wild day, indeed.


Blogger Leslie said...

I didn't realize Carlos is a polydactyl. No wonder he's so charming, it seems to be a trait.

It sounds as if you're making the most of your time off. Congratulations! Too soon you'll find yourself bemoaning Sunday afternoon.

10:12 PM, July 19, 2015  

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