Sunday, September 21, 2014

Too Much and Not Enough

Too much headache (because anything above "none" is too much).

Not enough weekend (just one more day? if I ask nicely?).

Too much left undone (because of the first two items).

Not enough time. Period.

Too much humidity today, oh boy. Sticky. Mostly we're firmly into fall weather now, cool days and cooler nights, but today was warmer again and way way sticky.

Not enough time to make Carlos happy (if that is, in fact, achievable).

Too much meows from Belmont. Girl is loud. When my head hurts, I want to mute her. Particularly when I'm already getting her food, just not (apparently) fast enough. And I found myself thinking that if it's the sight of Carlos that bothers her, perhaps I could fashion a little blindfold for her...

Not enough sleep, I'm thinking that's a sign of. Because that would never work.



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