Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Non-Trip-Summary Interlude

Much as I'm enjoying writing about the SF trip, there's stuff going on now, too, and I kind of want to acknowledge that. For instance, yesterday I went raspberry picking! It was fun. I went here:
And got started. Before you know it, you've got a layer at the bottom of the bucket.
And you keep going, pausing to have a conversation with a man who saw the Bruins t-shirt and wondered when the season was starting, until you have this many to take home:
Well, plus the four I ate before I picked up the camera. Since the cost was $8 per pound, and I was charged $5, I calculate that I had five-eighths of a pound (I haz mad math skillz, yo). They were delicious.

The farm has chickens, including a few that were taking care of bugs along the edge of the field.
The farm people encourage you to take a smaller bucket along with you, for the berries you pick that turn out to be too far gone, and give those to the chickens. Who didn't pay that much attention to me when I walked up.
But when it turnout out I had foods?
I felt bad that I didn't have a lot more. They were practically fighting over those mushy berries.

The sheep did not get berries, and did they ever have something to say about that.
Really? You walk past here with nothing?
Sorry, sheeples. My bad.

What else have I taken pictures of recently? Well, proof that I've gotten onto a new mailing list somehow: not one, but two catalogs that I've never even heard of.
And an illustration of why I get so annoyed by banana bread recipes that give amounts by the banana, as though that is a unit of measure.
One of these things is not like the other...

And, in the rear-view mirror the other day, this shot:
I would caption this, "How come he always gets the front seat?" What do you think?


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