Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This and That, Here and There

So, everything's going pretty well, overall, but man, haven't I been saying for months now that I'm so tired? Stretched? A little crazy? Yeah, that. Still. Winter. Get new cat. Job searching. Return cat. New job! Another new cat! And now a car.

And, since I finished the sock-in-progress at the dealership while waiting last night, I have GOT to go start another one. I had a dentist appointment after work tonight, and I was at a loss waiting without knitting. (Not that I had to wait long. And I could have picked up a magazine. But knitting-while-waiting is what I do!)

Also, the Bruins are kindly streaming tonight's preseason game, so I can cast on to the sounds of hockey (oddly, it's the radio sounds, but the video goes along with. Better than just having the radio, anyway). Happy sigh.

But I won't leave you without anything! Have you seen this sweet Budweiser commercial?

I don't like beer, so trust me when I say that I am unprejudiced by that. But honestly, Bud does some nice commercials.

There's also the change of the seasons, nicely done by Sandra Boynton on her Facebook page.
I'm glad not to be hemispherically insensitive in my seasonal wishes, you know? And this is tidier than wishing someone a "happy whatever your current season is".

Also, happy Rosh Hashanah, if that's your holiday. It isn't one I celebrate myself, though I was tempted by the recipe in the Globe this morning for noodle pudding. Go on, look; doesn't that sound like it might be yummy?

Man, I have to go eat dinner. My teeth were a little tender after the cleaning, so I put it off, but I am starving all of a sudden. Later!


Blogger Kate P said...

New year, new car. Or something like that. Happy new car!

7:50 PM, September 25, 2014  

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