Tuesday, September 16, 2014

San Francisco, Part Five: Golden Gate Park

And so we come to the last day in SF. As always, I was looking at the sights above, as well as at eye level.

Sign in the Muni station for the Exploratorium (which we didn't do this time, but I remember it from the past as being very cool)
We enjoyed the details of the sign.
As well as this, which was on the wall farther down. Meant to look like a bank vault? Overhead view of city hall? Who knows.
Golden Gate Park has this extremely odd tower thing.
You can kind of see that it has stairs inside, to climb and see the view. (Not that we did.)
Be sure to click on this photo and make it bigger, so you can see what they're doing. He has his phone on an extension, to get a better selfie. As one does. Arms just aren't long enough. (Ye gods...)
What we actually went for, other than people-watching (and judging, ahem), was a band concert. They have them on Sundays, but were having one on Monday because it was Labor Day.It was really nice!
A lovely half-shell band shell.
And I was pleased to see kids so into the music that they wanted to sit closer and watch.
(Parents were mostly off to the right, in the shade, partly because it was quite warm! This is when I cemented my sunglass-line tan, which is still visible, since we sat down in the shade but by the end of the concert, we were in full sun.)
The shell from the back.
I suppose she was going to have some photography done?
Quite the costume, anyway.
Side view of the wing of the shell. ("This is Uncle Ted at the side of the house...")

"This is Uncle Ted at the side of the house, but you can see the front of the house..."
Waiting for a bus, amused by the sign. The little roaster that could!
I can't believe it was the last day before I saw a cat hanging around the guest house!

He ignored us at first, cat-like, then came over to be admired.
"Why, yes, I am handsome. I acknowledge you. You may go now."
Bike parked on the sidewalk, basket on the front, name tag on the basket. Bug girl?
Dressing up a chain-link fence takes imagination!
And I have no idea what this signifies.
Wondering what this was, back in the day when it clearly was something.
_ G A _ _ _ _ _ _?
No photos from dinner on Monday, since the restaurant was too dark even for me to knit! It's an Argentinian steakhouse called Lalinda, and they do have photos on their website if you're curious. The food was really good, too. Then it was back to the room to get organized for an early morning and a day of traveling.

And that makes it Tuesday. CR guided us from transit to transit to airport without a hitch; the funniest part was when we had just left the guest house, and we passed a man on the street who was speaking, not exactly TO us, but as he passed us, about the porn he had for sale. Well then!

Photographically, Tuesday started back at the airport; I learned that I hadn't just been overtired when, upon our arrival, I had looked at the ceiling in the terminal, and thought it looked like the underside of boats.
I've flown plenty of times in the last ten years, but not so much over mountains. Look at that!
The last photo isn't one I want to put up, but if you imagine me, slumped on the couch, with a cat on either side, you get the idea. Home again.

And that, finally, is All About The Trip. Whew! Back to everyday life: fall weather, hockey season starts, and looking ahead to trip in October. Still plenty to talk about.

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