Sunday, September 28, 2014

Not Just End of Weekend. End of Month?

September was supposed to be my quiet, get-ready-for-October month, and now suddenly it's the end of September and it doesn't feel like it's been that quiet at all. I have gotten a few things done, and the craziness doesn't start on October first, but still. I went to buy my Rhinebeck tickets last night and the website had a ticker and it's 20 days away? That's all? (And 19 now, and 18 tomorrow...)


To add to my confusion, although mostly the weather has been suitably autumnal, this weekend was actually in the low 80s and glorious, if disconcerting when the leaves are changing and one is seeing houses already decorated for Halloween. Right now I'm sweating, and how can it be October on Wednesday?

Also disconcerting is how I just went to use the iPad, as I had done on and off all day, and it was a brick: wouldn't turn on, or respond to the charger being plugged in, or even to a 30-second push of the serious-button (the rarely used one that makes it turn all the way off). What happened? I was kind of stumped (it was just working...), so I threw the question on Facebook, and my most tech-savvy friend suggested hitting both buttons at once, which woke it up and it's all "hey, la la la, nothing weird here" which is almost more weird than there being something wrong. Perhaps its nose is just out of joint because I spend some time with the little tablet? I'm sure technology can get jealous, too. (It's reasoning like this that means I really need those tech-savvy friends, you know?)

Let's look at something happier, eh? Like a first picture of the finished not-quite-rainbow socks:
I know, that doesn't prove that there are two. I'll get to that sometime. Meanwhile, I started another pair:
But, since it's a thicker yarn, I don't think I'll get a pair out of a skein after all, so I think I'll have to try something else. Excuse me while I go get the swift and ball-winder out. Here, have a cute cat picture:
Or two!
Tune in tomorrow for (maybe) some content of more substance. Or maybe not. No promises


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