Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Little Sleight of Hand

(Every time I pause, I realize anew how tired I am. If only I could stop pausing.)

So, have you seen the waving bear video yet?

How about the Christmas card that the mayor of San Juan is sending this year?

Yeah, not sure what that message is supposed to be. Maybe "Merry Christmas: Hope you're the jaguar and not the antelope!"

And the knit version of the periodic table of the elements? Anyone?

Those creative Kiwis!

Then via the English Fail Blog, there's this girl, whose ill-expressed wish will not, I predict, be coming true any time soon.

Well, who needs a laugh now? Me too. Try this:

It works for me!

1 comment:

Kate P said...

Oh, that Christmas card is WEIRD! Maybe "sueno" in this case translates to "sick animal fantasy"?

Poor "higher me" graduate probably sat around getting high instead of going to Grammar Workshop.

Those Big Cat FAILs make my sister's cat (a.k.a. "Calamity Jane") look positively graceful.