Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh, my feet, my poor, poor feet

What happened?

I wore boots yesterday, boots that I wore last winter many times, and now I have a blister the size of France on the sole of my foot. Ow!

I don't understand why. When I wore the boots before, the only problem I ever had was a slight soreness in the calves, since they have 2-inch heels and most of the footwear I wear is an inch or less. I never got so much as a small blister at the back of the heel, in the traditional blister location. Now I have a small blister (the size of a pencil eraser) on the sole of my left foot, and one about an inch by an inch and a half on the right foot. I've never seen such a big blister! When I saw it, all I could say was, "No wonder it hurts to walk!"

If this is Too Much Information, I apologize, but would like to mention that I considered posting a photo of my foot before I calmed down. Or maybe I just wore out: walking on this hasn't been easy. My left leg was tired before lunch, and complaining of pulling more than its share. My right foot, of course, is whining whenever I bump the spot, and the right leg is sort of off-balance from essentially walking on tiptoes all day. It's grand, I tell you, grand!

Other than my feet, I did have a very nice day yesterday. The twins were christened, and that reminds me, I was wondering: are christened and baptized interchangeable terms, does anyone know? The invitation said christening, but during the mass, I think the priest referred to the sacrament of baptism. I'm not Catholic myself, and those five years of Catholic school are a long time ago, not that I recall they taught me that then. I'm just curious (that'll go on my headstone when I die, probably).

It was a beautiful Fall day, a lovely church, and really a nice ceremony. Another baby was being baptized too, a girl, and when it was the twins' turn and their father held out the first one, the priest had to ask which one it was!

Then there was a brunch at a nearby restaurant, with good food and friends and at the end I got to help feed one of the babies. Then I limped home and did laundry and other assorted fun things, including dealing with the World's Most Neglected Cats, who can't believe I'm not pandering to them more after Abandoning them a mere week earlier. Feel I no guilt for that? Was I not gone for two and a half days? Sometimes they can't believe me.

They also can't believe they have to share me with each other. But Mom, I want, I need to be on your lap! I ... Will ... Make ... Room ... Somehow!

Pan was on my lap Saturday afternoon, having begged and meowed until I sat down, when Harold came along in desperation: me! Me! I wouldn't push Pan off, so Harold jumped up, stepped over Pan, and settled on my torso. Pan was so surprised! But he stayed there for a while, until Harold wiggled once too often, and Pan gave up. Chimpanzee politics.

I just got in from stitch and bitch, working on the cowl, which is coming nicely. Perhaps photos soon! Yes, let's say, knitting content tomorrow.

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Blogger Korinthe said...

I think in everyday English, they both refer to the whole rite of initiation into the Church.

If you want to get technical, baptism involves cleansing with water (from a Greek root meaning to immerse, bathe), and christening (from the Greek word chrism) involves anointing with oil. Both are part of the Catholic rite of initiation.

Your blisters will heal quickly :) and the cats get to snuggle you!

7:31 AM, October 16, 2007  
Blogger knottykitty said...

As one of my favorite characters from "The Sopranos," Adrieanna, would say about your blisters..."Ooowwww-Uuuuu--aaah! Sounds painful! I hate when formerly friendly shoes go bad!

It's so nice that your kitties want to sit on your lap---all of mine won't come near except when we are sleeping to suck warmth off of us! Rotten cats.

5:06 PM, October 18, 2007  

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