Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Knitting tomorrow? Stupid-spell-check today

I love spell-check for when it catches real mistakes, and it also makes me laugh at some of its own antics, especially its suggestions.

My last job ended when our company moved headquarters to Alameda, CA, and the first time I used "Alameda" in an e-mail, spell-check asked me if I meant to type "alarmed". Perfect! Alameda is alarming, under those circumstances: how did they know?

Today, I was spell-checking catalog pages, and apparently InDesign doesn't keep up with educational terminology, because it questioned "metacognition". (Blogger doesn't know it either.) I don't really blame it, that isn't a term I knew before I started this job. What cracks me up is what it suggests I may have meant:

Who programs these things? I mean really?

Met a cognition?

(I sent the screen shot to my supervisor, and the next time she came by my desk, she stopped in and introduced herself as "cognition". Love a sense of humor!)


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