Sunday, November 17, 2019

A Sad Sight, with a Maggie Chaser

I was in a sporting goods store yesterday, and was saddened to see this juxtaposition:
I can't blame them for the cross-merchandising, but it makes me sad that there's a display of mace next to the women's running shoes.

In a happier photo, I finally 'caught' Maggie in the act of one of the stranger things she sometimes does: rearing up to closely inspect the lamp.
She generally drops down as soon as I get the camera ready, but I finally got it. (And no, she wasn't trying to lick it. She had been washing when the impulse struck her to prairie-dog.)

She's also been caught in the act of not sitting gracefully:
And in the act of being adorable:


AlisonH said...

Just making sure that light's shining nice and bright for you, Mom!

(as she scampers down)

Leslie said...

She is a love!