Monday, September 09, 2019

Work and Roof and Hockey and Knitting (to name a few)

It's been an odd day. I logged in to work this morning and found email wasn't working, and learned that it was company-wide; apparently, there was some sort of cyber-attack on the email/servers this weekend. Now that's unexpected! As I didn't have a report from Friday to work on, and as email is where the work comes from, it was a longish day of keeping an eye on the chats to see if there were any developments.

Meanwhile, in pros and cons:

+ The Bruins rookies were playing a game against New Jersey's this morning at 9:30, of all odd times, and NJ happily was streaming the game, so I got to watch that. Nice! It was of course very Devils-focused, understandably, but I was just happy to see it. Hockey's coming back! Full camp starts later this week, and I'm excited for it.

- The roofers are here and starting on giving us the new roof the building has needed since Irma struck two years ago. Which is really a + except for the noise. Which is considerable.

+ Knitting! As long as I had the time, I pulled out the baby-turns-one sweater that I need to have finished before my trip next month, and got to work. It's getting there:
Working on the shawl-collar thing, and then second sleeve, and buttons, and done!

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