Monday, September 02, 2019

We're Fine

It started raining here a little while ago, but although the radar says it's part of the effect of the hurricane, it isn't coming down like anything all that unusual for the time of year. So far, anyway!

It's not that I'm happy that the worst weather is hitting other people, but we still haven't had our roof fixed from the Irma damage, so we're very grateful not to have a direct hit right now. Rain? We can handle rain. Though it would be nice to get enough of a break from it that they actually can do the roof; it was supposed to start tomorrow after a bunch of delays, but who knows if that will happen now.

It's been a good long weekend, and I got a lot of things on my to-do list taken care of, which is a good feeling. Here's hoping that the short work week doesn't feel extra long. I find that sometimes happens, which is most perplexing.

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Mary Ellen said...

I'm glad Dorian is leaving you alone!!