Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Kitten Report

Since I'll be away next weekend, I have enough kitten photos to hold you over. Well, that's my story, anyway.

The answer to the question of where the second kitten in this cage is?
Purring and accepting pets.
"What is this delicious ruffle on your shirt?"
"Yes, I can stop racing around like my butt is on fire," says Banana. "I just choose not to."
Banana is adopted, his sister isn't. Wouldn't they be confusing to have together?
"Hmm. I know I said meow, but now I'm not sure I like it way up here."
"Yes?" Ruby was dubious of me. Later, I picked her up, and she sneezed on me, which is a good way to get put down, if that's what you want.
Back for some loving.
"Wow, what are you?"
"You are big and skeery!"
"I will retreat to my camouflage place again."


Anonymous AlisonH said...

Love the kittens! Still trying to figure out where the rest of the cat is in the first one.

1:39 AM, October 03, 2018  

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