Thursday, September 27, 2018

Good News

The world overall isn't the greatest place today, is it, but my own little world isn't doing badly.

  • My chest is sore today, but only because I got my annual mammogram (if you're eligible, get yours!), and it came back clear.
  • The doctor is just adorable, about 100 years old and very eager to show me the scans and be sure I understand what I'm seeing. My mother was right, I love him.
  • I also got my first bone density scan, which was painless, I must say, and though some of my numbers trended toward osteopenic, the overall scores were fine.
  • And best of all, my friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and had a double mastectomy, let friends know today that she will not need chemo or radiation! Such wonderful news. She is still recovering from major surgery, will need reconstruction later, and will take medication probably forever, but still, whew. Wonderful news.
  • And I'm off to knitting!

How has your day been, in the small-picture, personal sense?


Blogger Leslie said...

Well, it sounds like life is swimming along well. Speaking of which, are you still swimming?

My friend Donna regretted getting the reconstruction when her right breast was removed. She had stiffness in her abdomen from surgical adhesions. It's not something you think would happen, but it did. Of course, she was minus one breast and had one 70 yo breast and one more fitting for a 40 year old. At least your friend will be "well balanced" and is younger than Donna was, so let's hope she has no problems at all.

11:54 AM, September 28, 2018  

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