Monday, September 24, 2018

Beauty on the Beach

Tonight after dinner, I took a walk down to the beach. I came back, dripping with sweat (not enough of a breeze*), with a handful of shells and more than 50 photos of the beach and the sunset.
*You people with your talk of autumn's chill in the's still in the 90s and humid here.
It was pretty when I got there, and the sky just got more lovely.
Sky, clouds, water, all that.

Oh, and birds, of course. This is apparently called a shorebird; doesn't that sound vague? I can see that the Google-image search for this will suck me into an endless wormhole, so I will move on.
After showing a rare inverted shorebird, that is.
Pelican, taking off after a plunge.
And ... an egret of some kind? Maybe? Honestly, I'm afraid to Google it right now. I'll never get to bed.
Whatever he was, he was beautiful.
And digging for dinner.
But mostly, beautiful.
The view north didn't look quite as far into sunset yet.
It's wild to think that the people at the bottom of this building must be sometimes condescended to by the snobs, when they admit how high up they are not.
And yet, if this is the view from the beach, even the lowest-level condo would be good.
With the beautiful beach as well.
At least the sunset can be viewed by anyone, whether you can afford the multi-million-dollar condo or not.
And the sun was, indeed, setting.
I watched it sinking for a bit...
And decided to head home before dark.
I did look back as I walked away, though.

It's kind of ridiculously beautiful.
Don't you think?
No moving regrets here.


Anonymous AlisonH said...

A Willet on that first one, isn't it? Possibly a Godwit, but I'm pretty sure Willet.

1:44 AM, October 03, 2018  

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