Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Preparing for Tomorrow

I'm taking vacation days Thursday and Friday, so my weekend starts now, which is very pleasant. And the reason I'm taking them is a fun one: my mother and I are driving over to the east coast tomorrow to see Imagine Dragons in concert. I like them, but my mother LOVES them, and when I proposed that we could go, she decided that yes, as long as I was willing to do the prep work, she would love to do that.

As the time has gotten closer, she has been letting more and more excitement show, and I just hope the show is a good one--as it should be! In addition to listening to the new album, she's been watching live performances via YouTube, so she can get an idea what it will be like. However, I think when she finds herself actually there, and in the second row, at that, it will blow her mind. I look forward to it, and I'm bringing my camera.

It would be awfully nice if the fates would throw her a less-than-usual headache day; with her chronic daily headaches, it's no use wishing for a no-headache day, but if it could just be less bad, we'd settle for that. Light a candle, would you?

And I'll report back, sometime after we return and start to recover.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Make sure you bring some earplugs!!

2:29 PM, August 09, 2018  

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